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Our Horses

We are extremely proud of our herd. Some of them hail from distinguished show backgrounds, others had a rougher start to life, and one was even a wild mustang roaming the hills of Montana for 7 years! But all our horses exhibit kind hearts, gentle personalities, and reliable demeanors conducive to therapeutic horsemanship. Most of all, they possess an innate instinct to love and care for people. Read below to learn more about them!


ASPEN is a Paint-Draft Appaloosa cross gelding.  He was a gift from a special group of veterans at the Reinholds VFW with hope that he will help soldiers transition from the combat field to home life.  Aspen is a very playful but patient fellow with lots of exposure to tarps, gun shots, moving objects and just about any potential 'scary' thing to a horse by his previous owner - Margie May.  TTR is grateful for both Margie and the VFW as we move forward to expanding our military program.


MAPLE was donated to us by Becky Weik and the New Start Retired Thoroughbred Re-homing Program.  Because she is so laid back and easy going she was never raced and put into New Start as a two year old. She is a 5 year old beauty queen with a maple leaf on her head. She is very affectionate and loves kids!  Becky trained and used her as a lesson horse for two years before donating her to our program.


CURLY is an American Bashkir Curly Mustang and is 15 years old. Curly is Laura's personal horse and a former wild mustang from Montana! Many years of training and TLC later, he has blossomed into an excellent riding horse, both in the ring and on the trail. Our advanced students enjoy practicing arena/flatwork with him. He likes to prance around in regal elegance, with his tail up and neck bent, to show that he is king of the herd!


CODY is a Quarter Horse and is 13 years old.  He was graciously donated to us by Seth and Kelly Beaver who are members of the French Creek Equestrian Association and 3-Day Eventing Competitors.  He came to TTR in February of 2013.  In Cody's past life he did Novice 3-Day Eventing.  Cody has fit in nicely with our TTR herd and has become a favorite for our larger riders with his calm disposition. Welcome Cody!  Thank you again to the Beaver Family for their donation to our program.


Did you know you could sponsor one of our horses? Sponsors are an important part of what we do here at TTR! As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, TTR relies heavily on the support of individual and corporate donors to enhance its mission. With lesson fees only covering about 50% of our operating costs, we absolutely could not function without your generosity. We have a special need currently for individuals to sponsor some of our therapy horses and riders. Please contact us if you would be willing to consider a monetary gift. Our horses and special riders thank you for any support you are able to give!

If you're interested in sponsoring a horse. Please contact us directly.


SERINA is an American Quarter Horse and is 6 years old. She was born from one our previous therapy horses Little Bit, who is now retired. Serina has a very gentle personality and loves being with people.  She has had lots of training on the flat, over fences and on the trail. We have high hopes for her future as a lesson horse in our 2015 season.  Both staff and students have enjoyed the "baby experience" of watching her grow up with awe and wonderment.  


ROMEO was donated to us by the Eli Zimmerman family. He is a 7 year old Welsh Pony. He is such a love bug and thinks he is a lap dog! He is the perfect size and shape and movement for smaller riders. We look forward to a long relationship!

​Donate a horse

Currently we do not have any specific needs regarding possible horse donations.  However, if you are interested in donating your horse to therapeutic riding, we would be happy to talk with you regarding your horse and how best to proceed.  Following are the general guidelines we use to accept potential horses.


8-16 years;13.2-16.2 hands


Sound & able to walk, trot 

and canter both directions


Well broke to rein and leg aids


Calm demeanor and non-spooky


Likes people and likes to please


Good ground manners 


TAKODA is a 18 year old Mustang Draft Cross gelding. He was a gift from Thorncroft Equestrian Center. Takoda was a second level Dressage horse. He is a gentle giant with a very smooth gait! 

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