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Lessons are in 6 week sessions


Private Lesson (30 Min) $50


Semi-private (2 riders; 45 min) $50


Group Lesson (3-5 riders; 1 hour) $50


- Please come 15 minutes prior to your lesson time.

- Helmets required to be worn and are the responsibility of the riders

- Helmets can be rented from the barn for a $30 per 6 week session

- Boot with heel preferred.


Please dress weather appropriately in layers.


SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE - Click Here for more info!





Lessons are regularly scheduled Monday through Thursday 10:00-7:00 PM. 


Change to cost/length of lessons

      *Increase to $50 per lesson

      * Private lessons are 30 minutes

      *Semi-private and group lessons are 45 minutes


Private Lesson:

Is when an instructor is paired with one student in a 30 minute time period.


Semi-Private or Group Lesson:

Is when an instructor has 2 or more students in a small group for 45 minute time period.


All riders will commit to a six week session, payable in advance. (Sessions may be 5 or 7 weeks depending on holidays).


All payments are to be made by check or money order

      *No refunds unless for medical reasons and doctors note

      *All approved absences will be credited to next session or used for make-up lesson


Payments due first ride of session

      *If forgotten, payment due at second lesson, or by mail or online payment before second lesson.


Lesson cancellation requires a 24 hour notice to be eligible for a makeup lesson

      *Makeup lessons time/day at discretion of instructor

      *Rider must ride during regular lesson days/hours

      *Laura and Instructor must both be notified

Due to last minute cancellations and no shows TTR MUST enforce a strict 24 hour cancellation policy and require payment in advance. 


 Agency billings

      *Will be done the last Thursday of the month for Perform Care OR

      *Receipts will be provided for parents to submit to other agencies


Students will provide their own ASTM approved helmets or pay a $30 helmet fee per 6 week session

      Due to hygiene and ensuring proper fit it is best to have a personal helmet.

      Helmets now have dates that require replacement every 5 years due to foam padding and adhesive breakdown

Helmets can be purchased on-line at Dover Saddlery.com or SmartPak.com measurements of circumference of head required for sizing, soft brims or breakaway helmet brims required, and internal harness required. We recommend the brands Ovation, Tipperary, IRH, Troxel with secure harness inside helmet. Oval shaped helmets are available.  A good fit is measured by two fingers above the eye brows to the helmet rim in the front, and a snug fit all around so that when thee rider shakes head the helmet does not move. A good fitting helmet is essential and will stay in place and protect you the way it is deigned.


Instructor Absences:

In the event of an instructor being absent another instructor will be called to cover the lesson, or the lesson will be rescheduled.


Barn is closed on the following holidays / dates:


      *December 14th through January 3, 2021 Lessons resume January 4, 2021 

      *January 18, 2021- Martin Luther King Day

      *February 15, 2021 President’s Day

      *May 3, 2021 Memorial Day

      *July 4,2021 Independence Day

      *September 6, 2021 Labor Day



      All dates are subject to change.


      *All make-up lessons must be completed within 2 weeks of the absence.



Inclement Weather Policy:

      Lessons will be cancelled if Winter Temperatures are below 25 degrees, or if danger of roads freezing and ice advisory.

      In the summer lessons will be cancelled if temperature and heat index are above 95.

      There may be times that a lesson may end early or be cancelled if a reported weather advisory is issued.

      Please check with Facebook, instructor, or Laura after 1:00 for lesson confirmation.



Behavior toward staff or horses:

     We expect everyone riding here to be respectful toward everyone. Biting, hitting, spitting, pinching, scratching, screaming, foul language, jumping off the horse or being non-compliant to instructor will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of the lesson or the privilege to ride here.


Plan of Action for behavioral issues:

      Time out of one minute per year of age will be given off the horse. OR stopping the horse for time to discrepancy to instructor to ensure safety. Three strikes you are out policy: Two warnings (time outs) will be given and on the third offense the lesson ends.


Rider Size and Weight policy:

      The rider and rider tack is to be under 20% of the weight of the horse.

TTR has a weight limit of 200 for independent riders, and 150 for riders that require side aids and/or assistance transferring to the equine.


TTR follows the PATH INTL (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) Standards, Precautions and Contraindications. Please visit the PATH INTL.org website for more information, or in the lobby for printed information.

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