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Scholarship Requirements for Application

Scholarship funding will be a maximum amount of 50% of the total cost of twelve (12) consecutive weeks of lessons.  A maximum of two (2) make-up lessons for excused absences is permitted.


As scholarship funds become available, a notice will be posted in the lobby indicating the dates of the application period.



Scholarship application requirements:


1)  An applicant may apply only one time per calendar year.


2)  The maximum age for an applicant is 14 years old


3)  All applicants must have an approved Medical History and Release form signed by their doctor within the calendar year.


4)  The parent /guardian or family members of the rider MUST volunteer for at least one Triangle Therapeutic Riding public event or volunteer with the program in some way


5)  The applicant does not qualify for funding from other agencies, programs, etc.




Determining who will be awarded a scholarship is based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:


1)  Applicants of school age must qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program within a public school


2)  An applicant who is a declared dependent and does not qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch within a public school must have a combined salary per household of less than $40,000 per year


3)  The family has more than one child from the same household riding in the program


4)  The family has more than one child in the household.


5)  All applicants will be reviewed on a Need Basis (ie:  sensory processing disorder, ASD, developmental disorder, trauma, etc.) to be determined by the Board of directors and the Executive Director.

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